Why Do We Still Watch the Mainstream Media?

Is Mainstream Media Completely Biased?

I guess this would depend on which side you’re on; Left or Right? I’m somewhere in between but I would have to agree that CNN, ABC, CBS and Fox News are generally one sided. I no longer rely on the propaganda that the mainstream media is trying to portray about the world we live in so I’ve stopped watching the news altogether.  I’m a political junkie or should I say, I used to be one until I realized that the media is just totally biased about certain candidates and they seem to always favor one party over the other which makes it difficult for the average person to make a decision on who to vote for. Instead I rely on various sources, mainly on the Internet to find things that are of value to me and I choose whether or not to accept what’s being shared.

Here’s a “must watch” video from CNN that once again proves the point that MSM is completely biased.  I’m not even a huge fan of Donald Trump but calling the press unbelievably dishonest is bang on.  You’ll love the interaction between the CNN Anchor and the Trump spokesperson.  Enjoy!